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Have you ever miss yourself?

So I was spending my whole day organizing my old blog posts. Reading back all my draft entries and delete all of them and re-update everything...while listening to Shin Chan's videos........of course. All these readings turn me into an emotional woman who misses her younger self. I was happy back then.

By that, I don't mean I don't live happily right now. It's just that my past life was happier, probably because I don't really face problems (my only problem was when I promised not to add anyone else in my bias list and end up falling for another oppa and the list goes on) , haven't face hurtful experience, and my circle of friends - mostly online - don't get really personal we only talked about oppa but managed to love each other.

I was having fun and all good. I don't think I have any problem with my inner side during that time. I mean, I don't hate anyone, I don't hold grudges and I don't curse. The only cause of my depression was when my parents didn't appreciate it when I did house chores lol what even. Oh, and when I fought with my brothers to use PC! hahaha.

I realized that it was so good to be overthink-free. Now I can't even spend a second of not thinking about hurtful stuff that has happened. Listening to k-ballad songs can be terrifying to me too, since now the lyrics have meaning. They were just songs before. Now they do have meaning.

Growing up is not a choice anyway.
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Free Responsive Classic Template : Kio 2.0


Hi, guys! I am still experimenting with how much I can do with some usage of responsive CSS and I happened to come with a new responsive classic template! My plan is I want to renew all my old blogskins and this Kio 2.0 skin is basically the second version of my very first free blogskin, which is Kio (Upon the publish of this entry, this skin will be deleted forever). Please be aware that this template is Classic Template, which is far different from Template Designer. 

Some information of the template:

  1. Any change to the template must be made in the HTML code.
  2. The blog header, post author and follow button are automatically set. 
  3. No extra pages provided, you need to add your own link from your blog post.
  4. To make the comment button working, please go to setting > Posts, comments and sharing > Find Comments Location > Choose Pop-up window.
I hope you guys like it!  Pls comment if you are using, questions and problems inquiry are also welcomed 😊
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I'm back plus new look!


Hi! Im back guys. Seperti Wana yang selalu, selagi tak tukar template selagi tu lah tak reti nak update blog. Sebab first tahu nak update apa, sebab totally lost dari dunia blogging, tak tau nak lawat blog mana. Sila-sila lah komen link blog korang sebab nak blogwalking hehe.

So ni lah template yang paling lama aku spend masa untuk buat, semata-mata sebab nak responsivekan benda alah ni. Tapi sebenarnya benda ni kalau fokus betul-betul boleh buat kejap je. Tapi aku sepuluh kali tidur, habiskan drama, kadang tu aku coding sambil dengar cerita Shin Chan. Dengar okay, bukan tengok. Hahaha. Okay mari saya tunjuk full screenshot blog.

Suka sangat design blog, dah macam artwork sendiri. Kepuasan, sebab tu lah kadang ada yang lebih minat design daripada post entri, apa-apa pun tak apalah orang nak cakap apa pun. Learning process kot ni? haha. Sekarang dah pandai dah main mock up. Hahaha. Ini semua gara-gara Nana Johari punya tutorial mock up tu lah.  Macam biasa, marilah kita tunjuk link-link yang membantu dalam proses ini :
Lightwidget - Instagram widget . Build your own Blogger Template from Scratch .  Font Awesome - for the Icons . Fonts . Arrow Box .  Automatic Read More . Responsive
Amaran: Semua isi di dalam blog ini belum dikemaskini, banyak link yang tidak boleh digunakan lagi. Harap bersabar sebab saya akan update satu satu. Thank you semua!
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